Thursday, January 12, 2012

Color Tattoo Eye Shadow by Maybelline

So I had seen these and was a little worried to pick them up since a  lot of creamy eye shadows never work out for the good and usually end up creasing. I noticed they looked alot like a Mac paint pot though. So of course my curiosity got the better of me . So I picked up three colors to try out , which were the white, purple and bronze brown. Cant go wrong with those right? 


So upon actually trying them and working with them , I find these little gems amazing. I actually tested it on my hand when first getting it . I put some on my hand , I used soap and water to take it off and nothing came off. I then wiped my hands with a paper towel  and a small amount came off , but hardly any at all . Basically showing me that these bad boys will stay were I put it . Looks good to me . I have worn the bronze and the white , and I love them . They have not creased on me yet and they have stayed on my lids until I took them off. 

I included some pictures and also did a side by side next to a mac paint pot just to show the similarities , especially in packaging . 


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