Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nothing Beauty - Just babbling - Picture Today

Hey everyone - So I was thinking like just now . I have not posted anything in awhile. I have to be honest as much as I love sharing all my stuff with you guys . It can be so tiring some times. I wish I had more time to do all the things I want to do and share with all of you . I just don't have the time, I hope some day I do . I always have all these awesome ideas in my head and I never get them out to actually do them . So as of right now , I decided to make this a blog about what is going on with me or my random thoughts for the day . I will of course have stuff about beauty on here. But i want everyone to know who I am - because I think I am pretty awesome ! : )

I have not been able to show you guys who I am , because I am to busy trying to get my pictures perfect or words right. Well I decided I am not to worry myself about that anymore. If I have something to share , I am going to share it . Show everyone the world through my eyes. See what I see, and maybe you will understand why I am so crazy!

Also , I am trending away from makeup right now - with summer coming and all , I don't wear to much of it . Therefore , I don't want to make it seem like I do when I don't! Trust me - If I get something new and exciting or find something new and exciting - you will still all know about it !!!

I think I am also going to have a picture a day also ! So I will have a new one hopefully every day of something fun and random or cute and sweet ! Today I decided to share two of my kitty cats in their new toy !

Left side is Tigger! Right Side is Dory!!! 

Hope you all have a good day !! 

Have you had any insights lately or anything you want to share that happened to you ?!? Leave a comment below ! 

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