Monday, March 12, 2012

Julep Maven Box

Good Morning everyone ! I wanted to share my "It Girl" Julep Maven Box I received in February. I got three polishes in the box and a sample of their lotion also. The colors are very pretty, and all the pictures are only one coat . The nail polishes apply well , and they are pretty opaque with one coat, even the glitter went on well . Without needing tons of re application. 
With the Julep Maven box , you can get your first box very very cheap ( I have coupon code below!) , you sign up and choose which box you want. At the end of each month you can choose the same style , or you can choose a new one. If you want also you can skip that months box if you don't see anything you like that month! Each month you choose to have a box sent to you , it is only $19.99 a month! 
I think its pretty cool, being able to choose if you want a box every month . As well as already knowing what will be in it ahead of time. 
Note: If you wish to skip a month or change which style you will receive . They have a time frame which is the 20th - 24th of each month!

Before unwrapping, So pretty! 

Card that came in box with information on it 

Colors Left to Right - Meryl, Rachel, Oscar

Colors Left to Right- Oscar, Rachel, Meryl

If you want to sign up for Julep Maven , you can here:

Coupon codes available for your box :COLOR2012 (first box for $.1) !!!!

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