Saturday, November 14, 2015

Been along time, shouldnt have left you...left you!!!

Good Evening Everyone,

I stopped this blog so long ago, 4 years in fact. I guess I just got sick of it. Well I can tell you 4 years later and long hours at work. I am still no where, except bored I guess. I dug up all my old passwords and dug back into what is the blogger world. I would love to keep going with my posts on makeup. But I am going to keep this blog going, and its going to be a blog about this single girl who just cant catch a break between work and my love life. Praying for Mr.Right to fall into my lap but it seems I am only finding Mr. Right Now or better then that Mr. Married. I am so over all of it. If I didn't have my gay best friend I don't know what I would do. But I can talk more about him later. The stories I have lived and heard from this man.

Good Night World, stay tuned its going to be fun this time around.

Bam(New nickname)

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